SidePick is born in the crossroad between our passion for Technology and Science, as a way to building solutions for everyday problems. Our work is inspired by our brain and the processes that uses, in specific the thalamus and frontal lobe, to organize and manage all the information we received every day. We aim to end with the chaos in our photos once and for all. With a tool that is not only supported by a team vision and user feedback, but also by a neuroscientist basis. We are a small, but extremely motivated team working side by side with amazing people to make from SlidePick a real solution to mess with our photos.

With the help of City Global and the advices from HumanUp we are changing the way how people interact with their memories.

Why to reinvent the wheel, if we have the answers in our head?

Join us in this amazing journey.

Matías Honorato



Stefano Fenzo

UX/UI Designer


Esteban Bocic



Nicolás Moreno

Lead Programmer